spiritualreflectionsIf nothing else, our growing awareness of the Ascension process teaches us to be philosophical about life.

There is so much more to our existence here on this planet than we fully understand and even when we think we are getting close to the true nature of Universal energies, something changes to show us that the only thing we can ever be sure about is that it continually expands. We never reach the end for whenever we integrate what’s put in front of us, we only open up to more of the unknown.

The goal posts of life keep moving.

This is my current perception and as I keep telling myself, it can either be exhilarating or exhausting, depending on where you place your focus. But for those who have been living on the edge of these moving goal posts for years now, it can bring on acute weariness for it takes enormous emotional and psychological energy to continually live with uncertainty, to see purpose in the invisible and openly embrace the unknown.

It’s been said that the only way out is through and once we embark on this journey there is no going back. In any case, if we are on it at all we can be sure that it is part of our Soul Purpose to be doing this work, that no matter how dire we may feel, we are contributing our Light to the evolutionary transformation that is occurring within our world.

We can see this reflected in our own lives through the acceleration of time. Our energetic beings are accelerating with it and so something that may have seemed like a reasonable fit in our physical lives in the recent past may now no longer satisfy us. We have shifted onto something else only we didn’t see it happening.

We don’t see evolution, we feel it.

And typically, it’s only once it has penetrated our energetic beings and we’ve physically integrated the new information that we get a sense that anything has happened at all. Our subtle energies are very busy in the higher realms and yet it can seem as if we’ve been left to fend for ourselves when we’re not in touch with them.

Our collective airwaves must be bursting with energetic communications these days for there are so many questions within the mechanics of this process and no doubt, all the relative answers also milling about. Connecting with the right ones is a task we can practice but when immersed in the depths of being unplugged it can all seem like quagmire.

But if one thing is certain it’s that Light is forever changing. It never remains constant and even in the darkest, dimmest days, there is always a flicker of hope available somewhere to fill our hearts and restore our faith. It is a journey with no end but we are not in this alone.

Someone, somewhere, is always watching over us.



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