breathing space

dreamcatcherI’ve written before on how life, in my experience at least, seems to flow in 6 month phases. These realizations mostly appear when I allow myself some space to reflect on how individual events form the bigger picture of life’s journey. Sometimes the road that’s been travelled doesn’t reveal its true meaning until we’ve reached a place where we can to look back with a non-judgemental outlook. It is as if the wisdom of our travels only arises through gentle reflection. But these past years have been anything but gentle for me, with an ongoing intensity shaking the life out of most things. We are certainly being prepared for something totally new and unknown, something that is lingering just out of the picture but which is slowly revealing itself in the most surprising and unexpected ways. It’s often said that eclipses set the tone for the following 6 months and with an analysis of birth charts, alignments and astrological houses, it’s possible to see how these aspects come to be reflected in the happenings of our life. It’s also said that events triggered by eclipses are often sudden and unexpected, bringing a flood of change, or a breath of fresh air, depending on your outlook but always pushing us closer to where we are meant to be. I strongly believe we all come here with a purpose and whatever that purpose is forms the basis of our journey. That purpose will be different for everyone but it will always be something that’s close to our Heart. It will always be something that comes naturally. It might be something that remains concealed for a part of our lives but when it’s time for it to be revealed, when we are ready to embrace it, it will simply feel right. It will energize us in ways that nothing else can. This is the feeling that’s building now as we move into the last 4 weeks of Mars in Libra, a long life-changing transit that’s been taking place since last December with an added blast from the eclipses occurring during the middle of its retrograde period. I’m able to see now how these past 6 months have been nothing more than a resting place for me, some much needed breathing space while the road ahead comes together. The lesson from this period is that we do have a choice on where that road goes and that choice is ours alone. Life can be anything we make it. We have the power to co-create a meaningful existence that is both rewarding and peaceful. So as the momentum of the Mars transit comes to a climax, a turning point is appearing. Doors are opening that were once closed, opportunities are arising that were once hidden and not only is the road ahead now lit with a warm, welcoming glow, it could very well take us exactly where we dream of going. Into the truth of our Heart space, into the company of our Soul connections and into the joy of living a life that fulfils our deepest dreams and desires.


9 thoughts on “breathing space

  1. YES. The next 6 months have a very particular energy about them, don’t they? I feel like something big is coming but I’m not sure what it is yet.

    1. Hi Liv .. Couldn’t agree more that the next 6 months will be quite different to the past. It is a new beginning. I’ve had glimpses as to what’s ahead for me but it’s all in the timing now 🙂

  2. I like the thought of “breathing-space”
    this was a day of my world taking on an energy that I had waited for many years…
    a day when a breath was given, and taken never to be the same again, for I finished a lesson of my journey and I knew I would not repeat it….
    a month later I have been turned inside out and upside down…but I am still walking my path….these days I am off the beaten path watching Gaia show me what I need to move again …
    I enjoyed your post…as I will enjoying following your thoughts, Thank you for being a voice that one can hear as well as feel….
    Take Care….You Matter…

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