before sunrise

sunrise angelThe skittery energies of Gemini are reinforcing having a foot in both worlds where it feels as if we have parallel lives going on. For every step forward in the new there’s the equivalent in the old, pulling and pushing at us to stay mindful of where we are. In truth, it feels like a major reshuffling of the cards is taking place again and the retrograde of Mercury back through to Gemini this month is offering the opportunity for a deeper review of where we are and where we’re headed. Are we truly following our dreams? Or are we simply aiming for what we think is a reasonable destination. What about that old distant desire that’s been long buried in a pile of cant’s, not possible and it’ll never happen? Is it time to review that one? It is just possible that something new has opened up now that could revive our hope that it may not actually be as crazy as it once seemed? If ever there was a time for Cosmic support for what lies true to our Hearts it is now. There is a metamorphosis going on. It may be discreet, it may be overt, it doesn’t really matter as even if things feel stagnant, there will be something happening under the radar and within the invisible realms setting up what is to come. It’s not something we can logically program or predict, there is still immense clearing going on to make space for what’s ahead but we can be sure it is happening. Something will arise out of these energies and in these constantly intense astrological times, anything can happen. If we let it. We can’t control the energy but we can navigate it by letting go of the fear that it won’t energize the right thing. It will be the right thing when we can see it with a big picture perspective. When we can use our vision to see the patterns of how things are coming together over time, whether it be weeks, months or even years. The daily happenings or non-happenings are irrelevant. It is the long term road that is being paved now, supporting us in whatever it takes to move into Soul purpose. It may feel like the sun is setting on parts of our life but in essence is it more like the gentle hours before a radiant sunrise.


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