living truth

energytreeThe energetic shifts occurring this year have been monumental in bringing us closer to our Soul Truth. Wherever things have changed, we can be sure that where we thought we were heading at the start of the year, we are now moving in a different and possibly unexpected direction. This may be in one area of life or affecting a whole lifestyle change but wherever the energy has been focussing on over these past months, there is now momentum for bringing forth our innermost desires. Of course this depends on our co-operation with the energies and even if what is coming up feels daunting or outrageously impossible, we can be sure that we are being encouraged to let go of the process and surrender the outcome to the powers of Universe. There are benevolent energies at work here, pushing us deeper into ourselves to connect with the radiance that is our guiding light. That radiance is our rising vibration, our connection with the All That Is, our path to the 5th dimensional essences of this newly emerging life. For this is what Ascension is all about. Rising beyond the limitations of 3D perspective and into the limitless expansion of multi-dimensional existence. We are not alone here. Never have been, never will be. We are all fragments of Source, sparks of consciousness here to experience the energies of creation through human form. With our free will we can choose to go it alone and endure the fearful energy of separation or embrace our Spirit Heart and allow our support team of spiritual helpers to guide the way with their expanded vision. They see all the potentials for everything we desire, they know our chosen paths and see the stepping stones needed to position us closer to our dreams. We all have the ability to live the life we desire. This is the core of the purpose of those on the path to awakening. Overcoming our fears, mastering our minds, expressing our truth and embracing the spirit of Oneness. Being at peace with who we are and how we live reflects the values we hold which in turn reflects the vibration we carry and the Laws of the Universe dictate that we attract what we are. So vibrate the lower spectrum of negativity, fear and anxiety and it will be returned to you. Vibrate the higher essences of positivity, peace and contentment and it will be returned to you. Vibrate gratitude for each step that brings you closer to your true Heart’s desires and you can be sure that more of this will be returned to you too. We are all part of this Grand Plan of evolution and each of us contributes our own energy in our own way. Now is the time to open our Hearts to all that’s around us. When we see our own story with the enlightened perspective of expanded vision we can not only see that everything around us is connected but everything around us is a blessing. 



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