threads of happiness

new doorwayThere is intensity swimming around today. A niggling feeling that we’ve somehow shifted from where we are or we are yearning to shift from where we are or we’re sensing that something is soon to hit our horizon that will shift us from where we are. Whatever it is, it is about movement and no longer wanting to hover to and fro over this never never land of somewhere in between. It is being triggered by the stalling of Mars who finally changes direction tomorrow to begin his long awaited forward movement from retrograde motion that began back on 2 March. We won’t be in full motion until he moves completely out of the shadow period on 20 July but for now at least, there will be momentum in what has been simmering on the back burner for the past few months. Or, as it may be the case, there may have been an unveiling of an entirely new scenario to ponder in these last weeks of the retrograde since the energetic openings of the Eclipses in late April. However the story is unfolding, it is likely the road ahead is now a whole lot clearer than it was earlier in the year. And it is more than likely that the road is paved with the threads of our own happiness, our true Heart’s desires. With the urge to break free from restrictions and engage and unite in the spirit of freedom, it is a time that has heralded great surprises in my own life, bringing deep connections and life changing moments out of the blue. The foundations of what I have holding in my own Heart have changed and yet the buildings blocks remain the same. It was a shift I didn’t see coming. But the core of this energy is to stay connected with what is rising up and to not compare our own path with what constitutes happiness for others. This is the path to authenticity and it is lit by the truth and passion that comes with expressing our own Self. With momentum set to flow, there should be a release in the coming days that will strengthen the old inner knowing that we are always being guided to exactly where we are meant to be. Into the Light, by the Light and through the Light, our Hearts are leading the way.


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