venus rising

heartenergy.jpgEarlier this week I witnessed a magical golden sunset that filled the rooms of the North Queensland house I’m staying in with the most beautiful soft, warm, pink light. As the changing colours moved across the sky, shimmering across the sea and through the palm trees, we were gifted a unique moment of being drawn into something beautiful by the ever surprising pull of nature. The pink hues flowing across the sky that night reflect the energy of these coming weeks as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, amps up her power as she moves through Aries triggering each of the planetary heavyweights of retrograde Mars, Pluto and Uranus along her way. Venus energy is soft, warm and feminine. She glides through our lives sprinkling her magic wherever she can. She is the essence of the Heart energy that’s enveloping our world and accelerating our progress towards this new life that is now unfolding. But through these alignments the foundations of happiness are shifting in sudden and unexpected ways. New locations, new connections and new experiences are emerging out of the blue. Life is changing (again) as the new energy awakens our bodies in ways that transcends all we have ever known about ourselves, about life, about love. These higher energies are guiding us into situations that surprise us. Situations we may have never seen coming. Situations that encourage brave moves on to a true and authentic path and reward us with much deeper and more meaningful experiences than we’ve previously known. When we are ready to embark on the journey of the Soul we recognize our Soul partners through their inner Light and this energy is fostering Soul connections. Venus is ushering in the energy of togetherness. Uniting like-minded Souls who are ready to experience a union that can only emerge when the timing is right. Now is that time. It is time to let the natural flow of the Universe pull at us in the most surprising and beautiful ways.


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