bold intentions









Big openings

Rolling in after the Equinox

Clearing our energy fields

Opening our Hearts

For all that’s ahead

What is it you want?

What is it you really want?

Aim high

Think big

Because it’s already there

Pulling at you

Waiting for you

Of course you can do it

You can do anything you put your energy to

Ask for help

Ask for anything

It’s time to let go

Time to embrace all that you are

It’s the Aries New Moon

Official new beginnings

Breathe it in

It’s all there


It’s all just waiting

If you only knew what is waiting for you

You would have done this long ago

You don’t need to suffer

You don’t need to struggle

You only need to focus

On your own path

On your own desires

On your own Heart

Release everything that doesn’t fit

Let yourself be free

Feel the relief flowing in

That’s your Light

Building stronger with every breath

Make a wish

On this New Moon

Make it big

Give it strength

Set bold intentions

Believe in what you feel

Expect miracles

Even small ones

Then walk in

Fall in

Stumble in

It doesn’t matter

Just close your eyes

Take a step

And watch the ground

Rush in beneath you


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