leaping into new life

ButterflyMetamorphosisThere has been a different kind of energy sweeping through this year. It’s been hard to pinpoint other than bringing in heightened sensations over the past 2 months that’s sent my energy soaring before I’m even aware of it. The intensity has made it hard to concentrate on anything and I’ve been unable to read or write as much or even listen to music. It’s as if we’re suddenly holding so much Light that our bodies are electrified and crave the silence and stillness to integrate these new sensations. But while all this is occurring energetically, on the outside life continues along and I am settling into a beautiful new rural location surrounded by mountains, the ocean and lush river valleys. This is the place of my dreams and yet I’m not sure what it is I am meant to do next. What I do know, is that somehow, in some way, a new way of life is emerging. I’ve been mulling over the deeper meaning of what this might be these past weeks and in recent days it’s suddenly becoming clearer. The world is changing. Most of us are aware of that now as we see Truth pouring out from all corners of the globe, as old systems crumble and hidden agendas are revealed. The world is changing because the Earth is changing. Her vibration is slowly rising to a Higher frequency and as it does, so too does the energy of all living things that inhabit the Earth. On the Higher planes there is no place for dishonesty, manipulation or corruption. There is no place for violence, anger or repression. There is no place for these things so those still holding these energies are now struggling to survive and creating turmoil in the midst of their unconscious driven actions. At the other end of the scale, are the forerunners of this planetary Shift, those who agreed to embrace and embody the higher frequencies of Light to assist the Earth in her evolutionary expansion. These Souls are already moving beyond the old paradigm and are gifted with the expanded vision of seeing beyond the limitations of the old ways. This new vision is leading us to the next level, a new way of living that through conscious and Heart-centred creation will bring abundance in all things. In this sense, this leveling out and rebalancing coming through now, is more akin to a butterfly steadying herself on the edge of a cocoon. We have spent our time in the darkness and now it is time to find our wings and fly. Once we reach these new heights, we have opportunities to experience life in ways that were not available before. Once we know with all our being that we are connected to something much grander than we have ever known, that we are supported and guided through each step of our daily lives and that we all have a purpose to share with the world, we can begin to experience life in a much gentler way, where the essences of the Soul come to forefront. This is the new way of life, the Higher way, where we allow life to unfold at Soul’s pace rather than controlling with our Ego minds how we think it should unfold. This partnering with Soul brings greater harmony to our existence and enables the opportunity to explore the deeper aspects of our own gifts and life purpose, giving greater meaning to all that we do. This next level is one of Trust but in aligning with these Higher energies we emanate all that Ascension is really about, a return to Unity consciousness where we can all move towards a life of deep peace, happiness and prosperity. The energies sweeping through this year are the energies of flight. They are the heightened sensations that give rise to our true feelings and expression. They are the waves of realization showing us we truly are on a new road leading towards this new way of life. And when we are ready, if we are ready, when we dare to leap out from our cocoons and into the Heart of Soulful living, they will be there to carry us. They are the Light that will bring us Home.


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