coming home

beachThe awakened ones are poised at the threshold. The new energy is leading us to all we’ve been waiting for. There is a recurrent message of coming home. We are being guided Home energetically, whether we are aware of it or not. We may even be moving to a new home, as I currently am, but it’s more understanding what Home really means. Home is in our Heart centre. It is in our breath, our core, our place where we flow with the Light. Home is in our joy, our laughter, our love. It is the freedom of our creative self expression. The new energies filtering through January created waves of elation, elevating us from the long phase of purging and into the new essences of calm, pleasure and peace. We are supported. We always were but now we see the manifestations appearing in front of us. We are being drawn Home. Being given the gift of newness. Ushered into this new phase with the ease that comes when we stay strong in our Hearts. We are observing. Content to allow all to unfold as it will for we know. We surrender. As it is in this knowingness that the Light illuminates our dreams.


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