lessons from an aquarian

aquariusThis week’s Aquarian New Moon, the rare and second New Moon for the month of January, coincides with a line up of major planetary alignments that are setting up the energy for major change. As this energy intensifies, we are being encouraged to use these new beginnings to do things differently, to break the mould and stand strong in our own power. Aquarians are known as the free thinkers of the zodiac, bearing knowledge from our urns and so as this current chapter in my life comes to a close, here are 7 lessons my own Aquarian soul has learnt over the last 7 years:

1. Believe.  Believe in yourself for you are your own power source. We are all born with the same abilities to create whatever we dare to dream and by learning how to uncover the deeper patterns that direct our life situation we can begin to deconstruct the barriers we’ve created and free ourselves to express our true and full potential.

2. Can’t.  There is no can’t. As I began to understand the true nature of our existence within the human body, I applied the teachings I was learning and failed, picked myself up and tried again. With persistence, patience and focussed determination, we will succeed in this game of co-creation.

3. Solitude.  Alone time is to be embraced for this where the true treasure of life can be found. Keep life simple, merge with the stillness and you will hear it speak back to you.

4. Magic.  The whole world is full of magic and when we think of how we exist in these bodies, on this planet, in this star system, in this galaxy, we can see we are magical creations ourselves intertwined with the limitless energy that is the magic of nature and the All That Is.

5. Mind.  The mind is a powerful energy source that needs constant monitoring. Every thought sends out an electric charge into the magical energy of the All That Is. Don’t let the mind wander, make every thought count. Mastering the mind is the key to creating and living our true and full potential.

6. Heart’s Desires. These are the true nuggets of gold in this world. Listen to your Heart for it knows exactly why we are here in this life. Let it guide you in your life’s work and you will be rewarded with the pleasures that can only come from living in alignment with mind, body and soul.

7. Love.  There is nothing more comforting than the lasting connections of like-minded friendships and true love partnerships and yet the greatest love of all is the one you can give to yourself. When we open our Hearts to the depth of feeling we hold within our bodies to experience joy for no other reason than for the love of ourselves and all we entail, there is a new experience of love available that transcends anything we have ever known.


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