200 hearts

heart springsIn recent days I’ve watched as the number of followers on my blog has clicked over 200 and so today, on my 45th birthday, it seems a worthy day to send out a big hearted thank you to all those sharing the road with me. I’ve come to learn so much about myself through the process of writing as it is the simplest way of working through thoughts and feelings in the search for our own truth. Creativity tends to spark off more creativity and so there are always notes floating around my files, some sparked by a single word, others arriving in long downloads after waking which will all find their way here when the time is right. There will be much to write about this year as we move deeper into a simpler and more authentic life. I am soon on my way to begin a new life in a new location and although it may take a little more time before I feel truly immersed in what I know to be my Soul life, it is wonderful feeling to commence this new birthday year with so much potential on the horizon. We are all supported in every way along the road that is our own personal journey so again from my space to yours, it’s a warm thank you to everyone who is tuning in to read and sharing their own connection through liking and commenting. I hope you continue to resonate with the words as they continue to fall onto the screen.


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