starsI’ve been treading lightly into the new year after what was an intense period leading up to the December Solstice. The last quarter of 2013 was a challenging and exhausting one where, for some of us, we were given glimpses of our destiny but were unable to make any significant changes to get there. It seemed no matter what we did, we were blocked at every turn and unable to do anything except sit with the relentless clearing and releasing while waiting until the time to move was right. But with the blast of positive energies coming through in the last 10 days of December, the energy has certainly shifted and we are now on new ground with plenty of opportunities unexpectedly appearing to assist us onto our true path. 2014 is set to be a big year of evolutionary change with an array of powerful alignments throughout the first 6 months already beginning to shift things around in order to propel us forward. I’m not a trained astrologer but I’ve learnt enough to know at a basic level how the planets affect our daily lives and to me, one of the most powerful transits of the next 6 months is Mars in Libra. Mars energy is all about action, passion and drive and with Libra the sign of balance, particularly in relationships and the other Venusian passion, money, there are likely to shakeups in everyone’s life over the next 6 months in the area where Libra resides. These shakeups will all be about regaining balance although we may not see this until the dust settles and we’re able to look back at what’s happened when Mars moves on from early August. Next in line is the ongoing clash between Pluto and Uranus. These 2 cosmic heavyweights have already been triggering events in recent weeks and with Jupiter also in the mix this week, the energy right now is electric and palpable. Everything is ripe for expansion and depending on how we embrace and work with the power that’s available will determine whether we jump for joy in exhilaration at what we’ve suddenly been able to achieve or lash out in frustration and irritation at whoever is nearest. With an Aries Moon and my natal Mars in the 1st House, I know Mars energy well and when it’s activated it needs to be channelled into a creative or expressive outlet to avoid the unwanted affects of any unintended self-implosion so if the inner urges are revealing themselves, now is a good time to listen. But if all that wasn’t enough, we also have the retrograde periods of Venus, Mercury and Mars, theĀ continuation of the new series of Eclipses in April and the natural energy portals of the Equinox and Solstice in March and June. A big year of evolutionary change, most definitely. It’s unlikely that any of us consciously creating authentic change in our lives will be in the same place once we pause at the mid-point to gaze back at how far we’ve come.


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