faith, fish and signs

Salmon Fishing In The YemenWith 2014 fast approaching, the energy of the cross-over is building. There is change in the air as pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place. It is the newness of what lies ahead in physical time as well as the ability to see more of the bigger picture of our own path that helps create this lightness. And after the challenging year we’ve encountered, it’s a very welcome feeling. These past 10 days have delivered the surprise of unexpected opportunities and ideas arising out of the blue. It’s been very Pluto-Uranus but with Mars also in the action there’s a very strong chance these surprising events are actually pushing us in the right direction. For me personally, 2013 has felt like a year of trying to make the impossible, possible. Of trying to create a major life change out of nothing. Of wanting to delve deeper into Soulful living but falling into a forward/back quickstep of letting go and healing the past. It was beginning to feel like something with very poor odds of success but something within me kept pushing me to persist with what was put in front of me. Each week, sometimes each day, I would continue with what was arising until I reached a breakthrough in late November then another near the 12/12. In that week I watched the quirky English film, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. I knew nothing of the film but it made me laugh when I realized it was about a man changing his life direction by making the impossible, possible. Messages from our Spirit Guides can come in many ways, from repeated messages, signs, songs and it seems, even movies. The words in this film felt written for me as they spoke of persisting with something for hours because you hold faith in the outcome, of turning your back on a pedestrian life in order to be where you belong and of knowing you will be given the right answers in the right time. The film speaks of patience, tolerance and humility as key values and of life rewarding the faith and constancy of your efforts with what it is you are desiring. A film about fishing in the desert has provided a surprising backdrop to this cross-over energy with its emphasis on the importance of staying strong in our core beliefs and of knowing that what feels right for us is right for us. When our faith dwindles our vision becomes clouded by doubt but out in the wilderness of life it is clear where we belong. We belong where our Heart is. We may have to take a different approach to get there and with the energy now opening up, we are being encouraged to be wise in our chosen steps and enrich our resources, not deplete them. This was a film not about fish but about swimming against the tide. Of breaking free of the currents and following natural instinct and guidance to reach our dreams. It is a message of what can be achieved when we hold the strength of faith in our Hearts and the message I’m carrying over to the new year. Let it begin.


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