rays of light

heart raysThe energy of the December Solstice, 21/12, has landed and with it comes a turning point. This is the end of the 6 month period that has been taking place since June. It has been 6 months of slow growth. Of releasing, clearing and purging. Of recognising what has been holding us back and doing the work required to heal and overcome these blocks. It has been a lesson in mastery of the Self, of coming to know our own energy, our own bodies and our own minds. But today brings a turning point. Today is flooded with the energy of the Heart. If the September Equinox delivered us to the space of arrival, then the Solstice has us touching down. It is time. This is the day we feel our goals beneath our feet, when we can see all the work taking place whist in the space of hovering fall into place. This is the day the pendulum of time swings in a new direction and so too will we experience this feeling of the new. The energies coming in today are the Light of a New Dawn, a rebalancing of Light and Dark. They are lighting up our dreams and reminding us to nurture our bodies and what is sacred to ourselves. They are saying don’t give up on your dreams for you are closer than you’ve ever been. Today I see my own dreams unfolding around me. It’s like what I can only imagine the birthing process to feel like. There is a magical energy that creates the seed but as the process of incubation transforms into life, there is tremendous pain and agony during the emergence. Then, as this new creation appears before you and you begin to feel the deep connection to what you are seeing, you immediately forget the discomfort and the stress that preceded this moment. All you can see is Life. All you can feel is Love. All you want to do is nurture what is in front of you and what you feel inside you, so you can connect with this feeling for all time. This is the feeling of Divine Love. This is the feeling of Oneness. This is the Divine Feminine filling our Hearts with Rays of Light today. Indeed we are touching down.


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