the unpaved road

sun over hillsAs we draw near to the December Solstice, there is much to reflect on since the mid-year Solstice and even so, from 21 December 2012. It is the end of Year One in our journey towards the New World, an undertaking that is continual and ongoing, forever changing and transforming. As our awakening deepens further, it has been essential to step back from the whirlwind of upheaval and find that place of peace amidst the chaos. This has been a critical lesson for me as life moves from one phase to another, as the familiar ways of living and even earning a living, fall away to make way for the new. I am not alone in this place that hovers in the space between for there are many experiencing a similar discomfort. It is in the deepening of the energies now, as the cycles of Light intake and density purging gather momentum during this significant period between 12/12 and 21/12. As usual it is comes with the familiar array of intense body aches and pains, interrupted sleep, weird dreams and emotional and mental strain and creates a powerful bookend to what has been a year of vivid contrasts with great highs and sinking lows, vast expansion and sudden contraction, intentional forward movement peppered with the feeling of slipping back. In the context of the bigger picture it is all experience towards our greater purpose, orchestrated to nudge us deeper into ourselves to continue with the process of clearing all that no longer aligns with our true path ahead. And while we’ve been given a luscious taste of what is ahead through the energetic portals and gateways throughout the year, those of us hovering do so with the increasing sense of anticipation of a new tune coming in the new year. This is a process that strengthens our trust and faith in the unseen realms but life is far from what we perceived a few months ago, let alone a year ago and it is only when we look back with our expanded vision that we truly see how far we’ve travelled. Awareness of our own bodies has been a key issue and particularly the contrasting feelings of holding Light vs holding density. There is a distinct difference between the 2 sensations and it is important to remember during these intense periods not to attach to the heaviness of density as it rises up but to remain aware and conscious of what is being released. I’ve been guided to the Archangels for help in this area and as others also working with these energies are experiencing, they offer unconditional and unending support and assistance throughout this process which can be immediately integrated and appreciated. Life may be leading us down an unpaved road but it is still possible to choose the way we travel. We may be stripped back and barefoot but we can take solace in the Heart warming moments that soften the intensity of these energies and remind us of the deep connections patiently waiting at the other end.


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