roadblocks and rainbows

the12throadwaterfallIt’s the 9th day of summer where I sit but in the cold, wet and gloomy light it is more a reflection of the heavy weather flowing in from the cosmos than the brightness of summer. Saturn is back, bringing more roadblocks and challenges to this stop-start journey of change and transformation. If the foothold was already shrinking then we’ll need as much resilience as we can muster to endure this first week of Mars in the sign of the scales. The intensity is set to rise again as we endure more deep cleansings, energy integrations and ongoing tests of faith and belief in what we know to be true. We look to the visible, the invisible, even the impossible for clarity but like a mirage on the horizon, it shimmers away as quickly as it forms. This long ascension process sways from soaring highs to emotional lows as it stretches our patience and inner strength to levels we didn’t even know existed. At times it can feel like we’ll never align with our chosen desires but we will. Of course we will, as long as we don’t get distracted down side streets or let the strain of Saturn dissolve the heart of our dreams. Things are always being shifted about in the unseen realms to benefit our chosen paths and although it can be a struggle to see the way forward when we are aching for an outcome, the messages are there. It is all in the timing. We cannot be somewhere that is not ready for us and if we do persist against the tide it’s likely to be an experience that doesn’t produce what we were hoping for. Heavenly spaces come with heavenly energy. It flows like a river from the source to the sea. And while the journey may at times seem more like a turbulent ride down wild rapids there is never any doubt that the river knows its way. We can trust the river will deliver us to a safe haven where we can let out a global exhale and look back in wonder at where we’ve been. It is unpredictable, unrelenting and unwavering but just as the setting sun is breaking through my evening windows, so too will there be rainbows waiting our arrival. We are Divine vessels travelling blindly through a veil and it’s what’s on the other side that will make it all worthwhile.


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