dandelion in lightThese times are deepening into a sense of being nowhere. Hovering somewhere between the old and the new. It feels like the wrong place and yet it is the only place. It is the place of transition. A slow free fall into the unknown. A burst of Love energy from the 11/11 portal pushed us further into soul expansion and yet the Full Moon brought on more grief, more purging and release. I acknowledge these feelings and observe the ebb and flow of energy as it surges and recedes over the days that follow. There is very little grounding left under my feet and yet there is nowhere yet to go. Nowhere to move. My mind takes me back over the years to see if anything could have been different but that is pointless energy so I stop the thoughts and come back to the hovering. Birds catch my attention in my garden and butterflies hover with me as they bounce from flower to flower. A bright orange rose has blossomed. There is warmth on my skin and breeze in the air and I wish the wind would carry me away. There are so many things to be done. Places to be. So much to give to those in need. But I’m unable to move. I watch as others find their new footing and make progress into new arrangements and it feels like I’m last in line. Lost in the long queue of being granted space to be. I wonder how long the patience will last when the patience has long run out. I breathe more. I call for that Heart energy to return, to replenish and nourish and dissolve this bubbling restlessness. It’s only time and what is that anyway. It’s not what it used to be. Then in comes relief with another surge of Higher energies as we shift up once again. I feel it pass through me and I know everything will be ok. It makes me happy knowing we’re all connected to this ever changing cycle of events even as it flows in whatever way it does. It makes me hungry and I can’t stop eating. I’ve never had such an appetite or drunk so much water. I should be a fish. But with light-headed and dizziness, I know something is up. Something’s building. It’s been building for months. So I breathe deeper for this is how it is. This is hovering between worlds.


8 thoughts on “hovering

  1. beautiful as always. i very much relate. at the point of real surrender to what is. no pushing or forcing, just accepting that what i want to be ‘known’ to me is not. that simple. i’m finding peace through breathing in a way i never have before.

  2. Blessed Self,
    Nowhere becomes Now Here when we embrace it.
    Thank you for your sincere and heartfelt reflections and for gathering us all here at the 12th Road.
    Sending peace, light and love, always.
    Kindest regards,

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