20131107-111611.jpgIt is an amazing feeling when you come to realize our natural state of wellbeing is one of abundance. This is where we find our balance, our joy and our peace. There is no other state we are meant to be in. Anything else is only contrast to reinforce the experience of knowing abundance as our truth. Today we feel this to our core as Jupiter turns retrograde until 6 March 2014. We feel a burst of his bountiful energy during the stationing, in readiness for the retrograde period where we will be encouraged to reflect on our feelings about abundance and heal the obstructions we’ve built up within our psyche that block our path to this energy. True abundance is about being in the flow of Divine energy, of attracting all that you need to feel nourished and plentiful across the spiritual and material realms. It is about believing in our self-worth and having faith that it is possible to receive all that we need exactly when we need it. This can be a tough lesson to learn and with Saturn still strong in the energy of the recent eclipse, it can be easy to forget our place in the abundant world. But the energy of Scorpio is about looking within and being strong enough to face the shadows that block the Light and of course wherever there is Light, there can be no darkness. Change is easy when we loosen our grip on outcomes and allow the energy of the Higher Realms to carry us to a new perspective. This is where we see the endless possibilities surrounding us and that in itself is how we tap into the flow of the Divine. It is about believing in the value of what we give and knowing there is integrity and honour in what we do. We have to be willing to put the effort in for nothing comes for free but in the true nature of balance, the receiving comes in the giving. All we need to do is clear the path to allow abundance to flow and express gratitude for all we receive. For when we allow ourselves to fully open to the truth that lies within and expand our perception of what’s possible, we can rework the foundations of how we live and how life lives through us.


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