hurry up and evolve

new earthThis is it, we are entering the energy of transformation. The time we can look back on as being the catalyst for change in our lives. Whether it be through unexpected physical events, sudden realizations and insights or a deep change of perception, with the Pluto Uranus Square on Nov 1 and the New Moon Solar Eclipse energized by Saturn, Mercury and the North Node on Nov 3, what more could we need to propel ourselves forward into a new way of being. And with Mars also in the action, as well as the release of countless Solar Flares, there’s a sense of urgency building, an intensity that feels like something has to happen now. It’s as if our united Soul energy is gathering in the ethers, encouraging us all to dive into the Truth, to hurry up and awaken to the real story of life on Earth. Evolution requires revolution for that’s how the old ways collapse and this is what the energy of Pluto is bringing. It will uncover what has been hidden for so long and many will not like it. So much has been concealed from humanity. So much has been manipulated, controlled and kept secret. So much has been interfered and tampered with for the benefit of the few and disempowerment of the masses. Various teachings relay their version of Cosmic events but in essence our DNA has long been scrambled and we’ve become trapped in centuries of lower vibrating energies of fear and separation. We’ve devolved to 2 stranded DNA beings where we’ve lost connection to our true origins, our reason for being. But once we Awaken to the Universal Truth and break free of the net that’s held us captive for so long, it is impossible to return. Our intent to search for meaning, to find our way Home is enough to change our frequency forever. The Light of our Soul has always beamed bright, waiting to guide us Home and now is the time to find it for when we do we are filled with a new awareness, a deeper understanding that enables our innate wisdom to rise up through every cell. We see through the illusion and liberate ourselves from the doctrines that have governed our existence for so very long. We see that Love is the cure of all things and that separation, fear and judgement are what weakens us, what’s kept us out of our power. We learn to trust the resonance of feelings, to see possibilities in the infinite and we come to know that we create expansion of life through our Heart energy, the energy that fuels the momentum of returning our cellular structure back to 12 stranded DNA beings. This is our evolution on a grand scale but as we look back to the triggering energies of the Lion’s Gate in early August, and take note of the themes and synchronicities that have arisen since, we can bring it back to our own individual paths and find our own personal message for this significant time. We are all moving at our own pace and whether it be in giant leaps or small stepping stones, this is about the illumination of the Soul. It is about waking up from the slumber and recognizing the true brilliance within us all. It is about stepping back from the routine of daily life and questioning everything around us. It is about exploring our unconscious beliefs and turning them upside down. It is about delving deep into the mysteries of the meaning of life for if we ask ourselves the question, Who Am I? What will we answer. Do we really know?


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