on the verge

rollercoasterOctober arrives and with it comes a sense that things will no longer be what they were. We are on the verge of something new, something grand and expansive that will pave the road into a new way of living. But this movement comes and goes with the ebb and flow of energy, the push and pull of the planets and the ability within ourselves to maintain an even keel throughout it all. I experienced a period of disconnection after the Equinox, a distinctly odd feeling of being unplugged or taken offline. The energy returned through the influx on September 29 and is slowly building again as we approach the Libra New Moon this weekend and the upcoming Eclipse season that commences with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 Aries on October 19. There is an intensity in the air now, a sense of needing to push through the blocks and obstacles to clear the path ahead. A feeling of wanting to offload everything that is no longer needed. I keep waking up with thoughts of selling off everything I own, as if even the furniture in my house is no longer required. It’s making me think how much we hang on to possessions and in the reverse, how we believe in the comfort of these attachments. It makes me wonder if there is freedom in living lightly or is it through security and stability that liberation emerges. Whatever the outcome, October is heading to be a complex month. There are powerful energies at play here with a series of big alignments coming in one after another in the lead up to the Pluto-Uranus clash in early November as well as what’s likely to feel like a long Mercury Retrograde. It’s often said the only constant thing in life is change and this is likely to be the month where we come to understand the essence of those words. Breathe in deep, throw the arms up in the air and let go of the safety rail. If we can use the energy to create breakthroughs rather than breakdowns, this is going to be one wild ride.


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