finding courage

doorwayThe energy of this Sagittarian Moon is allowing us to finally breathe out after the palpable tension of the transformative Pluto-North Node-Saturn sextile and the restrictive Mars-Saturn square filling much of the past week. For me it felt like hitting a brick wall with the hard hitting energy of Saturn squeezing me into that uncomfortable feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. With the essence of these times being about letting go and moving forward, it can sometimes feel like we’re on a playing field, being thrown towards the new goal only to be caught mid-field and sent back to the start again. Only there is no going back, and with Saturn on our heels, we’re left hanging not sure where the next move will come from. This phase of expansion commenced with the Lion’s Gate back in late July and while it can feel we no longer have any choice in the movement, we are in control of how we approach the changes being asked of us. Courage is the word that comes to mind. Although I’m used to being pushed and pulled throughout this long Ascension process, somehow I make it through and I feel this is being asked of us again. I can already sense a few months of major change ahead of me and the energy is not likely to let up. These changes will happen whether we’re ready or not. It’s getting real now and we’re being asked to step up our game and walk with the Light, to find the courage to surrender to what’s appearing before us and merge with it. It feels like a test of faith and in some ways it is as this is how we shift into this new way of life. We must leave the familiar and step out into the unfamiliar. Even with no safety net. Fear has no place in the new world and yet it will fight to the end to maintain its hold over us. All we can do is breathe it out and delve into our sense of trust. As Kryon says, it’s about moving into conceptual thinking and we can always ask to be guided in ways we can understand.

Put me in the right place to make it happen. I don’t know where that is. When you do, make it comfortable for me. Let me see the sense of it. Make it easy. Please bring me the right situations take me there. ~ Kryon


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