principles of ascension

universalSome say it’s a privilege and honour to be alive in these times of galactic change and yet there are still so many who don’t understand what’s happening around them. Others aren’t even sure what Ascension is and so the short explanation is the planet and all her inhabitants are shifting from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. But Ascension is a multi-layered affair and it also brings the recalibration of the human body’s DNA to enable us to return to our full multi-dimensional capacity in these higher realms. It is the process of surrendering our Ego mind to the Soul and returning to the collective energy of our Creator, bringing an end to this experiment of separation that has played out on Planet Earth for thousands of years.

Although there are many Spiritual commentators sharing guidance through our Ascension passage, nobody really knows what will happen as this is a journey that has no precedent. We are making evolutionary history as we ride the energy of change from within the physicality of our bodies. In fact, we are driving the change as it is our rising global consciousness that leads the way. But the Universal physics that creates the change is very complex and a vast energy unfathomable to our 3D perception oversees the path we take and it is through the hierarchy of energies that extend from this original Source that we find the origins of much of the guidance we are receiving. From the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Orions to the energies of our own guides, there is much galactic interest in not only monitoring our progress but also offering help, support and encouragement for Ascension takes effort. It is a mammoth undertaking and is now in a process of quickening where opportunities are available, for those willing to participate, to achieve what was only previously accessible to humans over multiple life times.

We are all made of energy and the principles of energy dictate that it vibrates at a frequency relative to its existence. So a planet existing in the 3rd dimension can host life that also hold the same frequency or vibration as the 3rd dimension. But if a planet raises its vibration to exist within a higher dimension, as our Planet Earth is doing now, then physics dictates it can only host life which also resonates with this higher vibration. The 5th dimension exists on the frequency of Love and Unity and aligns with the energy of truth, tolerance and transparency. So what we’ve been witnessing across the global arena is the restructuring of our civilisations to eliminate the lower energies that can only exist in 3D. This has been ongoing for many years and we see it in the crumbling of unjust governments, the denunciation of corrupt and dishonourable organisations and the exposure of unscrupulous activities within the global economy. It is also sweeping through our lives at a personal level where relationships, businesses, jobs and anything else not formed on the highest principles of truth and integrity are giving way. So too are the extreme and unpredictable weather patterns part of this evolutionary change as we all move through what is essentially a long and challenging rebirthing process.

The principles of the Universe also dictate the higher the dimension, the higher its vibration, so the lower dimensions are denser while the higher dimensions are lighter. The frequency of 3D allows matter to appear solid but it is only an illusion. The same matter appears less solid in 5D and dissolves into light, sound and other forms of existence in the dimensions beyond. But this density is what gives us our physicality. This is why we are here as experiencing the sensations of physicality can only be experienced in the 3rd dimension. But in holding that density, there is also an element of darkness within our psyche where we carry varying levels of negativity that originate from fear. As this fear takes hold from the banks of our subconscious, we can unknowingly live life robotically, on auto-pilot as it were, staying within our limited comfort zones. But as we do the work to heal and resolve these negative aspects of ourselves, we move into a state of conscious living, where we can regain sovereignty over our lives. And this is where the effort comes in. It takes courage and perseverance to face our fears and overcome them, especially when the process goes on for years but the rewards are worthy of the turmoil it often brings, for this is how we create space in our life for the Light of our Soul to reach us. This is Ascension, how we reconnect to our Source energy and make the leap from separation to union on this path that leads us back to our Spiritual Truth.

Making the shift to a higher dimension will not only change our bodies, it will change our lives. The vibration of 5D is one of Love and this governs that all life within this dimension also resonates with the energy of Love. This is why the Heart Chakra is the centre of our evolution. We are moving from Ego to Soul and Soul operates from the Heart. This is why we are being impulsed to make these significant life changes and collectively pare back the complexities Ego puts on life. This is why we are all searching for simpler, cleaner, greener and fairer ways to live, why we are being encouraged to be more discerning about the food we put in our mouths, develop more respect for the environment and compassion for animals. This is why we are walking away from situations that don’t support our creative needs. The negative elements of 3D simply cannot exist in 5D.

Ascension invites us to embrace the experience of raising our vibration to find a higher consciousness and explore the esoteric and largely unseen connection to the vast energy of our ever expanding Universe. But it all starts locally, right here within our own Hearts. We must be willing to open our minds to compassion and be willing to love all of humankind, for all our differences. But most importantly, we must be willing to look within and like what we find. We must simply start by loving ourselves.


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