no looking back

alldirectionsMy head is so electric right now I can’t stay focussed on any one thing. Instead flashes of many things are coming in from all directions and it’s throwing me into a giddy head spin trying to grab onto them to create some kind of ordered linearity. What they’re showing me are infinite possibilities, and these wild images are whizzing around so frenetically I feel like I’m barely touching the ground. There’s no point trying to resist this inflow as they just pull at me harder, demanding even more of my attention so I try to sit with it, or walk with it or surrender into the Heart of it and let these fragments reveal their stories that are now unfolding. As expected, August has been a huge month for our Spiritual expansion. There is no going back now. There’s no point even looking back as the past dissolves into the Cosmic pool of acceptance and forgiveness. It no longer directs who we are or where we are going, nor does it influence our willingness to courageously embrace the new. There is something different within us now. We’ve changed, again, and like a refreshing tonic that invigorates the essence of our core, this new energy of the Soul will continue to inspire throughout September. We’re building towards the week of the Equinox now which also brings the Pisces Full Moon and the opening of another energy portal to further unlock the memories of who we are and all that we have been. These snapshots of the new world are guiding us, filling our Hearts with delight as they prepare us for the wide open spaces where anything can happen. In the past it may have been considered upheaval but now, with our new perspective, it’s nothing short of adventure. Bring it on, I say. Put me to work and show me what I can do. If it feels this good, I’m not going back.


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