beacon of light

highonlifeIt’s been a wild ride through the ‘Lion’s Gate’ this week as a wave of high galactic energy arrived to propel us forward into our Soul purpose. This 2 week energy portal opened at the end of July to coincide with the Leo New Moon and peaked on 8 August amidst the revolutionary Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus alignment. This has been intense energy, full of vitality and vigour, set to recode our systems to the frequency of the Love vibration. It has manifested on Earth with sudden opportunities and synchronicities sweeping through our lives to refresh our sense of purpose with new ideas and inspiration opening up the path ahead. For me it has unveiled fresh energy on a long held dream. I’ve felt wired in to the electric sensations for days, unable to sleep at night with a charge of excitement in my belly. It’s like a beacon of light has suddenly appeared, surprising me with an unexpected signpost on the way forward to this new world. It’s also brought a sense of completion to this journey of self-healing I’ve been on for the past 7 years and a feeling of having come full circle, where it’s now time to embark on a new road of Spirit led adventures and soulful journeys. We are moving through exciting times with this Leo New Moon rising up between the 2 Aquarian Full Moons. This is the energy of transformation, where personal breakthroughs can bring positive results for the greater good of all. It is a fertile time to be planting the seeds of our own evolution. Pull this cosmic energy into your Heart centre and watch as the creative forces work to weave your dreams into reality.


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