new horizons

walking in sandThe stop/start movement of energy this year is almost teasing us with the potentials of what is waiting to connect with us. We’ve been given glimpses of what lies ahead and some days it’s even appeared with such clarity that we’ve been able to feel the experience being part of something completely new and expansive. But this new energy has not yet fully anchored into our world, or we have not yet anchored into it, and so it drifts away and we fall back to wait for the next pulse of energy to push us forward again. While this ongoing process still requires more releasing of old limitations, there is a clear sense now that we are touching new horizons. There are new connections waiting to manifest in our space and it is up to each of us to hold our energy in the highest and purest state ready for the next influx. August is setting up for being a month of just that and so it’s no surprise to find myself being pulled back to New Zealand to close off the month with a 3 day immersion in the amazing energy of this special place. This expedition is a very personal one, a solo journey of faith and trust in following the guidance being received. There has been much communication from the higher realms these past weeks and the messages from beyond the beyond speak of embarking on a new path. It is time to open our Hearts to the new world, to allow the expansiveness of new possibilities guide the way even if we are unsure where it’s all leading. It is time to surrender to the cosmic flow, to enable our bodies to fill with the light of remembrance and to truly believe there is more to this life than we currently perceive.

Blessed in the Human Being that remembers the bigger picture that they cannot yet see ~ Kryon


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