double aqua

aquarius moonThe noteworthy astrological events continue this week with tomorrow’s Full Moon at 0 degrees Aquarius. Any Full Moon at 0 degrees is said to be potent yet this one is particularly so as it is one of two Aquarian Full Moons to come this year, with the second occurring on 21 August at 28 degrees Aquarius. Being an Aquarian, I am personally interested in this alignment, particularly for any potential openings it may bring. Aquarians are known for their logical and scientific minds yet it is their Uranian qualities I identify with most. The fascination with the unusual and unique, the great love of adventure and the willingness to embrace the creative fringes of life. But even so, I find Aquarians are often misunderstood. We have Aqua in our name yet we are an Air sign and although we are depicted in astrological symbology as the ‘water bearer’, it is not water we bring but knowledge. Aquarians have clear open minds that naturally find a wide expansive view of the world and it is this sense of detachment that will be highlighted with a Full Moon at 0 degrees. The zero point is by nature the beginning, a starting point in which to set the intent for what is to come. And with the Sun sitting opposite at the zero point of Leo, Venus set to be at the zero point of Virgo and Saturn moving in to square the whole scenario, it is likely to be a time that inspires a new agenda, a new structure in personal freedom or even an opening of respect and clarity in the thoughts and beliefs of others. I am a double Aqua, with 2 natal planets in the sign and between this lunation and the next, there is already an array of activities being layed out for me that are set to enrich and expand my own perspective of life. Full Moons typically bring the energy of culmination yet this one, to me at least, seems to feel more about beginnings, an emergence of something new that is being brought forward through the light of our moon.


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