the water bearer

water reflectionsThe Grand Water Trine is building this week bringing structure to our deepest dreams. This is the most significant push forward the Cosmos has given us this year and will peak on the days around 17-20 July. The Trine is a 3 way alignment between Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio, 3 big planets in their own water sign. Each planet carries its own theme and with Jupiter representing expansion, Neptune highlighting dreams and Saturn bringing structure, it is a time for putting mental and physical energy into how we want to shape the future. Water signs also represent our intuition, the flow of wisdom that resides within all of us and so we are being offered the opportunity to delve deep and use this innate wisdom to guide the way. The Grand Trine will help fortify the road ahead. It is the energy of the year that will help redirect our lives. All we need to do is keep focussed on the goal ahead and even if we can’t see the bridge that will connect us to the goal, with each step of the way the bridge will form. Each step will create the grounding we need to manifest the physical elements we require. We are all part of a grand plan in which we play an important role. The grand plan is a grand plan for all existence and yet it is our own individual contribution that creates the reality we reside in. In this sense our highest dreams need to be honoured and so it could be said it’s a time to live in our dreams. Why not since this is what we are here to do, to create a life that is reflective of our highest wisdom. To step into the new is to step into the magical but it comes with the requirement of trust and patience and the belief that universal energies will grant us the inspiration we need to be propelled into the right stream at the right time.


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