feeling our feelings

forest creekIn a society that is heading towards numbness as normality, there is much to gain in recognizing the importance of re-engaging with feelings. Feelings are connected to our emotions and generate impulses throughout the body that send signals to the brain and subconscious mind. Regardless of the type of feeling, they are in essence a messenger, advising us of how comfortable the body is with whatever it is we are experiencing. But somewhere over time we’ve been conditioned to suppress our feelings with the idea that showing emotion is a form of weakness. This is true for both men and women who have been conditioned in different ways for different reasons to hide personal feelings behind a protective exterior. But this only creates a build up of emotion that then seeks release in misguided ways or even worse, further suppression through drugs and alcohol. Losing the connection to our personal expression creates an unbalanced society that’s lost touch with its own Heart. It’s another element in this life experience that adds to the pain of separation. Feelings are important markers that can guide our life direction. They are linked to our emotions and as our Emotional body is connected to our Spiritual body, re-engaging with our feelings and trusting the message they bring is an important part of this journey of seeking our own Truth. Stepping into our feelings is essential to the healing process and regardless of their intensity and how much they might hurt, learning to navigate their depths is a simple way to steer our lives towards greater peace and harmony. Living a life that feels right is the only way to improve our inner wellbeing and that in itself, is the only way to improve our outer circumstances.


3 thoughts on “feeling our feelings

  1. So agree with this, thank you. I sometimes think society wants us all to become androids – no pesky feelings to get in the way!

      1. Yes, sadly I think having and expressing feelings is almost becoming taboo in some circles.
        Thanks again for such a thought provoking topic.
        Lucy 🙂

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