beyond limitations

light spiralWith the passing of the Solstice marking the half way point of the year and Mercury heading retrograde for another 3 week period, it’s a good time to stop and reflect on where we are and how far we’ve come. So far it’s been a year of immense change, change that’s come in a continual stop/start motion but still edging us forward with each step of the way. When I think back to this time last year, my own life has evolved on many different levels, with openings in work, personal and spiritual growth directing me into areas I’d never expected. With each opportunity there has been some hesitation as I grapple with the uncertainty of taking on something new and untried and yet it is in the courage of doing so that we make the greatest leaps. Overcoming fear is the simplest way to propel our evolution. In recent months, I’ve experienced this on a personal level as I’ve watched myself being guided by Spirit in ways that are very new and exciting. This has led to a significant breakthrough in my own Awakening and is revealing even deeper Truths of my own spiritual purpose which not only brings meaning to everything that’s occurred prior to this year but also opens up a whole new vista for the road ahead. Although most of us are now aware it is our thoughts that create the reality we exist in, it is in the commitment to being vigilant about our thoughts that brings the most significant transformation. If we spend an hour each morning saying positive affirmations then go about the rest of day complaining how things aren’t working out, we send out conflicting messages and nothing will happen. The power of change comes from the power of thought and the stronger the intention the quicker the resolution. Life on Earth is not so much about being trapped in a cycle of limitation as it is about moving beyond the limitations to the space where we form conscious partnerships with our Spiritual energy. It is in this union that we see how living with intention creates a reality that is uplifting and empowering. This is where we experience the gift of manifesting with ease. Removing ourselves from the structures of society allows us the freedom to find our own tune and it is in embracing this crucial change that we find our new beginnings. But nothing is ever a mistake for each step in life is leading us towards the experience of becoming whole with ourselves and yet it is in simple choice of keeping our Hearts open to the unknown that we can start to understand the power of creation that has always been within us, patiently waiting for the time when we are ready and willing to give it our recognition.


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