going cosmic

CosmicBeingI received 2 new books in my mailbox last week. New to me, that is, but both were published about 20 years ago. As I held them together, I realized they were both written by women named Barbara and both contained channellings and teachings from the Pleiadians. Already familiar with the detailed writing style of Barbara Hand Clow, I decided to start with Barbara Marciniak and the energy coming off this book over the past few days has been amazing. It began before I’d even finished the Foreword by Tera Thomas, when I received a rush of energy through my body and a flow of personal revelations. Two phrases jumped out at me. The first was the sentence, ‘if you can clear people of their personal information, they can go cosmic’ and the second was ‘Keeper of Frequency’. I’ve recently come across a number of books that were published in the years following the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and it’s no surprise they’re all telling a similar story. This story is not only about our true origins and how much of the Truth has been deliberately concealed from us but it is also about what each of us needs to do now to clear our bodies and our lives of the ongoing emotional drama we’ve been entangled in for years, even centuries, to not only open ourselves once again to the frequencies of Light (which hold the energy of Love and Unity) but to step up our own Self-Mastery so that we can hold this frequency in our bodies at all times. It’s not enough to attend a meditation or yoga class then go back to the busyness of daily life forgetting the essence of what we were reaching for. This is not life in an Awakened state. No matter where we are, who we are with or what we are faced with, we must be able to move through the day as ‘Keepers of Frequency’. This is our task now. Especially for those who have chosen to be on the Ascension path. As we move through these changing times we must constantly remind ourselves to hold the frequency of Light and not slip back into the cycle of emotional drama and fear of not having enough. We do have enough and when we find the attitude of deserving and embrace it with a deep sense of trust and belief that we will be provided for, we make a conscious Shift to a life lived from the Heart. This reconnection to the infinite energy of the Soul rewards us with a sense of purpose and self achievement and enables us to heal our self esteem and self worth. It is only then once we have moved beyond the false limitations imposed on us by the old paradigm that we can truly start to feel what it is like to go Cosmic.


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