feeling the yod

12throadtreeWhile driving around this week I kept seeing number plates starting with the letters ‘YOD…’ so it was no surprise to discover the underlying tensions that have been building this week are coming off the energy of a double quincunx that peaks this weekend. A quincunx is also known as a Yod or Finger of God and can create a sense of unease as the planets move into the awkward angle of 150ยฐ. Being not quite a trine and not quite an opposition, this energy can generate a feeling of frustration with a sense of having no place to go or that our efforts are being misplaced or thwarted. And with Mars, the planet of action and anger at the centre of the quincunx, the tensions of the Yod will only appear all the more intense.ย Mars is currently sitting at 10 degrees Gemini and is aspecting Pluto at 10 degrees Capricorn while Saturn is sitting on the other side of chart in Scorpio. With Mars and Pluto both the co-rulers of Scorpio, the themes arising are likely to involve the need to communicate something close to our hearts that has either been hidden or that could bring about deep transformation of existing behaviours or patterns once brought out into the light.ย On top of this, we also have the energy of Chiron, currently at 13 degrees Pisces and stationing direct for a 5 month retrograde period. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and creates opportunities for resolving our deeply held emotional wounds of the past. Although never an easy aspect to navigate, Chiron teaches us to learn from our pain and to understand the reasons why we react the way we do when presented with situations that challenge us as it’s only when we look beyond the surface of what hurts us most that we begin to see the deeper truths of our life choices. It may appear to be a time of feeling squeezed but it need not all be heavy work as somewhere in the digging a pearl of wisdom will emerge that will help us shake off more of the old baggage we no longer need. We cannot soar if we are still being weighed down by dead wood.


6 thoughts on “feeling the yod

    1. Thanks Dorothy. It does feel like we’re swinging from summit to plummet these days and Chiron can make it all feel a little too personal but I just opened up a new book and on the 1st page was the sentence, “if you can clear people of their personal information, they can go cosmic” (Bringers of the Dawn, Barbara Marciniak) and that pretty much sums up what all this is really about ๐Ÿ™‚

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