discover. build. share.

the OlgasAs we move towards the final eclipse next Friday, this ever-changing energy has us all over the place. I write a post one day and it seems irrelevant the next such is the movement we are experiencing now. But when I look back over my own path these past 3 weeks, it seems I have travelled far. Last month already feels like last year, so great is the distance between what was then and what is now. It’s almost like a disconnect from what has been and in some ways it could be. Several weeks ago I kept seeing stories about ‘walk-ins’. A spiritual term for when a Soul moves into an already developed host body. That is, the original Soul agrees to leave a body to allow a new Soul to take over. An unusual occurrence but one that is known to occur when a specific purpose is to be achieved. The energy of these recent weeks can in some ways feel like this only it’s not a new Soul coming through, it’s a higher frequency of our own. An upgrade of power from the Higher Self. For it is Soul energy that is directing the way now, pushing us further forward into this new world of Truth and Authenticity. It can feel all together unsettling and invigorating not knowing where your feet might land and yet there is a clear message being drummed into me. The words are Discover. Build. Share. It is about embracing what’s being offered with a sense of discovery while remaining focussed on building the dream and open to sharing our expanding knowledge and abilities with a kind and benevolent Heart. I started this eclispe season with a weekend of further training in Theta Healing. In the days leading up to the Scorpio Eclipse, I felt a very strong pull to be in outback Australia and during a very deep meditation on the first night, the day of the eclipse, a group of tribal people appeared to me pulling me in and welcoming me into their space. It was a powerful validation and with the appearance of a strong American Indian figure in another session and further insights into my connection with ancient Aotearoa also surfacing, I feel the Higher Self wanting to bring forward my connection with the ancients into the very present. It’s a time of revelations where past lives and ancient memories are emerging from the depths as we begin to unlock the layers of who we really are. All we can do is embrace the adventure and be ready to be surprised.


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