the bareness of being

tree under starsAfter the emotional intensity of these past weeks, there is a welcome calmness in the air this morning. I expected today to be challenging with the Lunar Eclipse due to culminate in the early hours of tomorrow morning but after passing through this strong period of release, it feels as if we’ve been given some breathing space to allow the Full Moon to rise into its fullness and start this cycle of potent Eclipse energy that will permeate over the next 4 weeks. The Eclipse Season occurs twice a year and is a well documented time of intense and sometimes sudden change. This current series of eclipses starts tonight with the Lunar Eclipse on the Scorpio Full Moon and continues with a Solar Eclipse on the Taurus New Moon on May 10 and the powerful Wesak Lunar Eclipse on the Sagittarian Full Moon on May 25. Scorpio energy is deep and dark by nature and with this Full Moon intensified by the transformative energy of Pluto and Saturn, we are being pushed into the inner depths of our psyche to heal and release ancient emotions attached to the pain and grief of separation. This constant and unrelenting cleansing is part of our Ascension process as we continue to release old energy to move beyond the limitations of Ego and into the energy of Unity. The process is intense and at times feels like we’re being forced to face the starkness of reality but this strength of energy encourages Awakenings in those still asleep and a deeper connection and trust in Spirit in those already walking the path. In contrast, I get a sense the next Full Moon will be more about receiving. The Wesak Full Moon is a significant day on the Buddhist calendar and this year carries the extra charge of coinciding with a sequence of cosmic activity that will open energy portals across the planet and disseminate an influx of spiritual energy for the New Earth. It will be a time when there is a thinning of the veil between the physical and the spiritual enabling all of us to receive the benevolence of the Higher Realms according to the program of our own path. Between now and then it is a time to focus on our own creative expression, to stand in our power and believe in the insights that arise as we touch our own sacred truths. By shedding all that no longer resonates and embracing the bareness of Soul energy, we step closer to the power of Divine Unity. We may no longer be the person we once were but we are surely moving towards the person we came here to be.


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