the shadow moon

dark full moonThe intensity of this next Full Moon is already building even though it’s still almost a week away and if we thought the full moons earlier this year were intense then this one is bound to be a doozy with the added charge of a partial Lunar Eclipse. This Full Moon is at 5 degrees Scorpio on 25 April and seems to be bringing with it the rise of uncomfortable feelings from the darkness within. I’m calling it the Shadow Moon as that’s how it’s feeling to me. It’s whipping up all kinds of energy that’s swinging from one extreme to the other, from deep darkness to the lightest bliss. Only as the days get closer, the darker passages are lasting longer, forcing us to sit with difficult emotions as these denser energies rise up into our consciousness and demand to be acknowledged and released. I’ve been watching these energies creeping in all week as I’ve already been sitting with a sense of unease, a slight rumble of discontent as I energetically adjust from the lightness of New Zealand back to a life of routines and responsibilities. It’s been a struggle to reground my energy here, feeling a little off kilter and disconnected as if the old groove no longer fits. These feelings have also come with a deep need to reassess everything around me from my daily routine to personal goals and household items. I’ve been on a purge, clearing out and renewing everything that no longer resonates. It’s been a tug of war between the old and the new, the real and the potential, the visible and the invisible. But Scorpio energy is one of transformation, where loss becomes nothing more than the first breaths of new beginnings and with the Eclipse season fast approaching, the only thing we can be certain about is that change is afoot. Eclipses usually bring in fateful events, forcibly so if we aren’t already in tune with our highest good, so as we move beyond our comfort zone and into the darkness of our own shadow selves, we can remember that on the other side of the moon lies great potential for new life.


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