the happy 100

100 sparklersAbout a year ago I wrote my first blog post on this site. It took several days to write and probably a few more of tweaking before I found the courage to publish it. Even then, it took another month before I could decide what to do next. At a mere 166 words, it felt like the biggest thing I’d ever written. But in recent days I’ve watched as the number of followers on my blog has reached the significant milestone of 100 and more. Given my writings are usually on the esoteric side of life I’m both amazed and humbled that so many out there are happy to share my journey on the spiritual road. I usually have a pile of spiritual books on the go at once and enjoy the personal study of topics that help open my mind to the many possibilities of understanding this earthly experience. Combining this intake of information with what comes through in my own meditations and sense of knowingness, I’ve come to learn so much of who I am through the process of writing as it helps sift through the myriad of ideas that are usually swimming around my head and to focus on what I’m learning to be my own truth. Writing is an unpredictable past time. You never know when or how the words will arrive but can only trust that when they come from a Heart-based space, they are the right ones to share. I write enough in my daily work to be able to touch type which is a great bonus as I sometimes like to write with my eyes closed. With my mind tuning into the deeper space of my inner vision, I revel in those moments when I tap into the flow of spiritual thought. I’ve always loved the scratchy feel of a fountain pen on thick paper and often wrote long handwritten letters to friends in years gone by. The keyboard has replaced the handwritten word to some extent now but the personal touch in the expression remains the same. This is what I hope comes through in these pages and so from my space to yours, it’s a warm thank you to everyone who is tuning in to read and sharing their own connection in liking and commenting. I hope you continue to resonate with the words as they intuitively fall onto the screen.


2 thoughts on “the happy 100

  1. What a lovely post! 🙂 How very nice to say a thank you to your followers. You deserve all of them and many more for your interesting, heartfelt and gentle writing. 🙂

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