aura angelToday I am overflowing with Heart energy.

I have followed my Heart’s guidance to Miringa Te Kakara. Temple of the Four Winds. A place I’d only read about but have come to understand is the sole purpose of this journey. On a secluded clearing behind ancient hills, I was guided to this sacred site of an old school of learning to be at One with the earth and sky. To be filled with the higher energies. To experience the Truth of my connection to the crystalline light.

If you were in front of me I would place my hand over your Heart Chakra and whisper the words, Welcome home.

Together we would share a silent knowing, a tear of connection, for we are here together, all breathing in this energy as One. This is how our Hearts speak and they are telling us the story of Love, of Compassion and Unity. We are on the bridge of arrival and in front of us I see the rainbow aura of home.

Everything is ready, they say. We have been waiting. Come.


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