free spirit

NZ river pathKia Ora from my resting place by the Whanganui River. I’m in the heart of the North Island enjoying a peaceful camp amongst beautiful tall autumn trees near the bank of the river. I arrived here yesterday and have changed my itinerary to stay a little longer while I wait for my time to enter a nearby sacred marae. While today has been a much needed rest day I am loving the free-spirited energy of making this journey with the independence of my small self-contained camper. It brings me much closer to nature and so far I’ve woken up under the shadow of a mountain, metres from a beach, alongside a meandering creek and a short walk from a waterfall. Today I walked down a forest path following the sound of the water rushing over large rocks until I found an opening in the trees to walk out onto the open pebbly bank and into the sunshine. There were little white butterflies everywhere and I am noticing the heart shapes that appear in front in me. Solo travel is just that, solitude in new places but with no other distractions it is also a time when it’s easier to take in the small things. The little details. The messages. Last night the rain clouds cleared and the gift of the Southern Cross appeared directly over my camp. I can feel the energy building as I return to my itinerary of discovery tomorrow. With my crystals in hand I will be breathing in, breathing out and sending my gratitude out to the stars for allowing me to experience the beauty of this ancient land.


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