new ground

pebblesThe Equinox is traditionally a time of rebalancing where the Earth’s axis reaches an equilibrium point between the hemispheres and the days and nights fall around the same length marking the natural change of seasons. Coinciding with the Sun’s movement over the Aries zero point, the March Equinox also signifies the start of the astrological year and brings in a dynamic play of energy that will shift the focus to the fiery influence of Aries. This year has already brought in significant change with the new energy coming in bursts which, little by little, has been creating our new world. We’ve been given glimpses of what this world might be but haven’t yet been able to gain a solid foothold so it might’ve felt like still being stuck in the old. But if we tune in to our inner guide we can see that it’s not the same at all. The energy around us is different and we have transformed. We are no longer in the same place where we started. But this sense of equilibrium that comes with the Equinox gives us much needed breathing space to absorb all that’s been put in front us before we again move through more expansion. And there will be expansion as we enter what could be a dramatic period of restructuring in the lead up to the Libra Full Moon. Aries energy is all about doing, Libra is about relationships but we can never predict what might evolve when Uranus is also in the mix. All we can be sure about is that there will be movement but whatever it brings, we can know it is helping us see the bigger picture by adjusting the framework that supports our path forward. But rather than fear the possibility of negative change such as a break up, it may come as a breakthrough where something unexpectedly shifts into a new space. With so much clearing out already occurring this year this could very well the time we start to experience the feeling of creation. Be open and be ready but enjoy the equilibrium while it lasts.


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