soul perception

field of dandelionsThe more I learn of the character of Souls, the more I understand why they love coming to Earth so much. Having this deeper understanding of the real meaning of living helps see life through the eyes of the Soul and expand our perception of the real beauty within the world around us. Souls are energy, a fusion of light and colour that exist on the higher dimensions. They have consciousness, meaning they have thoughts, knowledge and memories but their interaction with other Souls is via telepathy, an exchange of energy that is much deeper than our understanding of communication. It is more of an energetic transfer of knowingness that encompasses thoughts, feelings and wisdom. In the spirit world, Souls can create just about anything they desire but it exists as an energetic or holographic form in alignment with the blueprint of the dimensional platform of their existence. But when they come to Earth that all changes. Here, we exist in the 3rd dimension where energy becomes so dense that matter appears solid. Everything in and around our world is the same energy, as physicists working on String Theory and other ground breaking research are discovering, yet to our perception within the human body things take on a solid form with their own weight and texture. Add to this the multitude of tasks a human body can perform, the range of experiences a human body can participate in and the variety of pleasures we encounter through our five physical senses and we start to see how appealing the experience of life in a physical body can be. We sometimes forget we are here on this green and blue planet in a distant solar system on an outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy for the pure reason of experiencing life in a physical form and even more so now, as we move into 5th dimensional frequencies, to create positive life experiences. So next time you see the details in the petals of a flower, feel the vigour of walking on a track through the trees, float in the coolness of water, take in the colours of a sunset or smell the fragrance of a freshly prepared meal or even sense the closeness of another physical body, remember, this is all life is about. Seeing beauty in the simple things not only transforms our perception of why we are here but also opens the door to our Heart energy. Check in regularly and send it all your gratitude for the opportunity of being here to experience it.


2 thoughts on “soul perception

  1. Sometimes I wonder if there might be life on other planets but their density spectrum is completely different from ours so we cannot perceive them with any of our five senses.

    1. Yes, from what I understand this is how it is. We are in the lower 3rd/4th dimension but there are so many other dimensions that can only be perceived from a multi-dimensionality or higher perspective

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