travelling blind

mtm seaPisces energy sits well with me. I have Venus in Pisces and being Libra Rising, which is ruled by Venus, my perfect world is a watery one. I am always drawn to water, it recharges me and with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Chiron and Venus all currently in Pisces, I’ve been on the water’s edge absorbing the insights coming off this rich Piscean flow. This week’s been a big one with heightened intuition and psychic dreams leading into glimpses of new territory. It’s been a long time coming but with Mercury Retrograde it’s most likely only a taste of what will materialize in the months to come. Mercury Retrograde is a period known for many things but it is mostly a time for reflection and review and with Mercury retrograding in the sign of Pisces the reflecting will more than likely be deeply personal or spiritual in nature. This is a time of reassessing the path we are travelling, of reviewing our dreams and goals and if needed, to reset the direction we are heading or even reconcile an aspect of our past. But with many planetary alignments playing out in Pisces this week, it has been one of immense change. Pisces energy enhances our intuition and if we are trusting the messages we are receiving, we can be sure we have evolved. Holding faith in the unknown can feel like we are travelling blind but it’s by following the light within us that we are shown these glimpses of the road ahead, these validations of being on the right path. One of the last aspects under this unusual Piscean sky is the New Moon. Occurring on 12 March, new moons are typically a time of seeding creation and with this new moon touched by Venus in close aspect to the North Node, what we are seeding now is our future. It is a time to move forward with conscious awareness as once the planets start moving into Aries, the passionate fire energy will take whatever we have planted and send it on its way to manifestation. Fall into these last days of the Piscean flow and let the light within lead us towards our destiny.


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