image descriptionThe Full Moons this year have been little pressure cookers, intensifying the emotional energies coming off other alignments occurring around the same time. I thought I was moving through this week’s moon unscathed but woke with a tightness in my chest this morning and a need for lots of air. It’s thrown me off kilter and into the chocolates rather than the blueberries but all I can think about is release. Releasing more of the past in order to make space for new openings. I’ve come to accept spiritual change has its own timeline. Sometimes it suits our own desires and sometimes it doesn’t but there is little we can do to alter the course. It’s common for things to open up in a way you least expect and in a timeframe that usually makes no sense. If it’s not stop-start then it’s all or nothing. I keep a diary of my own spiritual happenings, more for interest than anything else but trying to make sense of what happens when is impossible. There’s no pattern to it. It just happens when it happens. The only common factor is they are usually related to 2 topics. My past and my future. And when I say past, I mean way back, into past lives. But the information related to my future is also connected to these past lives. It seems everything I’m guided to do is related to expanding my awareness of my former Self. Past life awakenings will become more common in this new energy as our evolving DNA enables us to consciously access what has previously been hidden and this year is already becoming a year of Truth. The secrets of who we really are starting to come out and it’s not just on a global scale but also in our own personal situations as we are pushed to be more authentic in how we live our daily life. But it goes deeper than our current life. There are so many layers to our spiritual history, so much to learn to really understand the truth of why we are the person we are today. If you really want to know why you are living the life you have in the body you’ve been given, then look to your Heart for the answers. Look to your spiritual guide for we are always balancing out our experience from the past. But for some there is also a need to awaken to our spiritual calling. This constant cycle of release and renew is leading into the next big influx of the March Equinox which is already pushing us where we need to be. It’s been working its way into our world since early January, bringing in guided messages of encouragement to illuminate our path. Doing the work to raise our vibration may be the biggest spiritual change we ever undertake but finding the courage to travel the higher road that’s laid out for us is how we truly discover what spiritual awakening is all about.


4 thoughts on “openings

  1. Pressure cooker is a good way of explaining it. I have found some layers of darkness and blockage that I didn’t know was there. It is painful to release it and I am having trouble following through.
    Spirit showed me these layers for a reason but I am feeling my human frailty.

    1. If ever we are going to see the darker aspects of ourselves it’s during the light of the full moon…good luck with releasing. Taking a few minutes to intentionally breathe it out through your Heart Chakra can help the process 🙂

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