a creative oasis

flowingI recently watched a documentary on a composer and hearing him describe his experience of the creative process felt so in tune with the Pisces energy that’s now flowing through our days. Pisces energy is Spiritual energy which itself is creative energy and whether we are writing, drawing, painting, taking photographs or making music, any form of creative expression is an expression of our Soul. The creative process can emerge in many ways but one place where it’s often experienced is the shower. The steady stream of water can have multiple affects on our energy as it is at once soothing, calming and clearing. It is also a time when there is usually little distractions so it’s a great opportunity for the spark of inspiration to strike. Late at night is another time when creative inspiration can materialize and for similar reasons as the mechanics of our minds and body are slowing down which creates space for new ideas to surface. For me, creativity is mostly driven by being creative. It’s when I’m already in the creative process that inspiration for other creative activities arises so ideas for writing will appear while I’m watching a movie or the solution for a drawing will come when I’m cooking. Music though, is the purest form for generating deep inspiration. The creation of music is itself a spiritual practice as sound in its purest form is the essence of the Universe. When a piece is composed from a place of Higher Energy the sequences are embedded with frequencies that speak directly to our Soul and as a listener, there will be a transfer of that energy which creates a doorway to the Sacred. Sound healings are one of the most direct forms for clearing and opening our energetic fields as the tones of singing bowls and chimes are designed to match the frequency of the chakras. When you experience the tone of a tibetan or crystal singing bowl resonating with your own field the effect is immediate and often overwhelming. Sound can touch us on all levels, engage the senses and invoke passion from deep within. It is the purest form of creative expression but any form of creativity can lift our spirits. It is how we transform ourselves from one state to another. In some ways it’s the oasis in the chaos that often surrounds us. It is all there inside each one of us and even if we don’t connect with it often or don’t even believe we can, it is there and it is waiting. Following our creative flow is the path to freedom and that in itself is part of the journey towards our wholeness.


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