shiradharaI recently gave myself the amazing gift of experiencing the Ayurvedic treatment of Shirodhara. Having only read a little about the treatment before going in, I was intrigued to experience the sensation of the warm herbal oil steaming over the Third Eye area. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian form of medicine based on the principles of maintaining health and harmony by working with the natural rhythms of the body. With Ayu meaning ‘life’ and Veda meaning ‘knowledge’, the system is known as the ‘Science of Life’ and prescribes to the theory that each human body has a natural rhythm that can be defined by a ‘Dosha’ and by determining which Dosha our system is aligned with sets the parameters for keeping both the mind and body well balanced. Shirodhara is a modern therapy based on Ayurvedic purification teachings intended to clear and rejuvenate the mind and encourage the circulation of nutrients to the brain. Said to be similar to a mental and spiritual detox and a vital tool for purification in the journey towards seeking a higher consciousness, my 90min treatment was for relaxation only but was no less powerful or moving. Starting with a 60min full body Ayurvedic massage, my body was completely relaxed by the time the therapist moved the timber stand holding the oil pot to the end of the massage table and placed another large pot underneath my hair. But the soft sensation of the warm oil streaming over my forehead took what I thought was relaxation to a another whole deeper level. I have never experienced anything so amazingly comforting. Much like any good massage, the sensation sends you into an Alpha or dreamlike state where you lose touch with your physicality and forget where you are but being constant and warm and flowing, it was one of the most beautiful sensations I have ever experienced. With a scalp massage to complete the session, I’m sure I floated out of the salon, oily hair and all, but thankfully my drive home was only 15mins down the hills as once I was home I was out of it. Described as traditionally being a re-birthing experience, the cleansing aspect of the treatment was virtually immediate as I went from a blissful high to being muddled and spaced out to sinking to an emotional low. Unable to eat or sit still, I wasn’t sure what to do so showered the oil off and went to bed. The emotional elements of the clearing had gone by the following morning though and I woke feeling very calm and peaceful but I’m sure the treatment helped bring forward some very clear and specific messages for my following my own path which surfaced several days later in the light of that rather potent and recent Full Moon.


11 thoughts on “shirodhara

  1. Thank you for sharing a part of your journey…I have no ever heard of your treatment before, and I will have to wander through to find out more…
    again..Thank You…..
    Take Care….You Matter…

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