be inspired – part 2

table on a hillAround 8 weeks ago I was reminded of the significance of putting energy into manifesting our dreams. Of not only believing in our ideas but maintaining a positive belief that we can bring them into physical reality. My message was centred on creating my own house that I’ve always felt will sit on a green hill somewhere near the sea. I was excited by the encouragement of that message but buying land and building a house is very far from my physical reality so I’ve let it sit. But the new Energy of this year has been very much about Doing and Acting on our own truth. It’s hard to believe we’re only in the 6th week of the year as it’s already felt so busy. In my day job I work as an Architect and after being pushed into self-employment last year, it’s been a struggle at times to find stable ground from which to visualize how to merge that work with my energy healing. This year however, is different. It’s very pushy and I’ve not only attracted a significant amount of work but have also been putting together my own website showing my creative gifts for exactly what they are. Two very different streams of me. So after finishing a large project on Friday afternoon, I went along to another sound healing meditation for some rejuvenation and from the onset I went straight into an unexpected vision that stayed with me for the duration. It was a visual of the form and layout of the house on the green hill. I was shown the rooms, the materials, the high ceilings and tall windows, the view out to the sea, the garden and surrounding trees and even the lay of the land and gravel driveway coming off a rural road. I saw the entire place and of course being an Architect, I’ve been able to sketch out all the details for reference. Whenever I’ve thought about those earlier glimpses and felt it’s too far out of my reach I’ve been reminded of the story about the Italians who built the train tracks before there was even a train. It’s saying create the house on paper and take the first steps to work out what’s needed. If you want the dream to manifest you must Act, even if it’s only small steps. So I still don’t know where this house is or how it will come to me but I do know what it looks like and how the land falls. So each time I take a drive into the hills behind where I live now I’ll be looking for that gate and a sign that says “for sale to the girl with a big dream”.


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