suns raysJanuary is over in a flash and I’ve hardly caught my breath. Whether it’s an inspired boost of Mars energy or just the way life is flowing now, the energy of 2013 has me feeling swamped and more embedded in the physical world than ever. I’ve attracted more work in the past month than I have in the past 6 months and while this is a good thing, it’s also a strain on my spiritual side which is being tested for strength and perseverance, for finding the right balance between the 2 worlds has been a challenge. But the energy of this year has been very different with a steady flow of psychic insights, instant manifestations and intuitive messages suggesting the ongoing clearing we’ve been working through has opened channels that’s enabling the transfer of spiritual information with greater ease. I put a question out there and not only do the answers appear in front of me but there is also encouragement to act on the information rather than simply ponder it. Yet the struggle of the old is still battling on, still pulling at us as it always has. And we know when it does for sitting with it is a strain. This year has also come with its own feeling of heaviness, grating against our Lightness and testing our faith, patience and tolerance. It’s like a see-saw, moving up and down from day to day as we swing from one side to the other. But what is most notable about this new energy is the illumination it is bringing to our Awakening. In some ways, the volume has been turned up and the messages coming through are loud and clear. Whatever is being revealed to us now is coming forward with great clarity but it is also highlighting the one real purpose of this journey. All paths lead to the Soul. As we reconcile this physical existence with the myriad of layers that form our Spiritual heritage, we are unlocking the aspects of our Soul that were previously hidden. So if we are asking the questions then we also need to take note of what’s being put in front of us, where we are going and how we are feeling. The illumination is strengthened by our rising Consciousness and is showing us exactly what we need to know and taking us where we need to be. Tune in, take note and be encouraged to wander the path.


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