building blocks

blocksIt’s been a jumbled start to this new year with the energy feeling very stop-start. Things fall together at macro speed then slow to a halt before taking off again. It’s tiring but seems to be the way this newly formed energy is coming together. It’s as if we are creating the building blocks of our new earthly direction one step at a time and when there’s enough blocks in place it’s a ‘whoosh’ type feeling of being swept up in instant manifestations and abundant opportunities. It’s a stark change from last year which felt more like being stuck in a holding pattern, moving round the same circles until a new path appeared. We are on the new path now but the road is being built while we are moving along it. It isn’t fully formed yet. I’m finding that even though there’s movement there’s also a feeling of uncertainty and a level of weariness. We are creating the path ourselves yet we’re not really sure where it’s leading. Life is full of potentials but the option that gains enough of our focus to manifest into form is only revealed at the last minute. There is also significant planetary movement this week as Jupiter begins its forward motion and Mars and Venus both change signs. Next week will bring very different energy as we come down from the drama this Full Moon has illuminated and move into a new landscape which leads into the first Mercury retrograde for the year. It’s important to remember our wellbeing during these drifting times to ensure the energy doesn’t scatter our efforts. But even if we need to retreat and pull back we also need to keep the focus of our intent crystal clear to ensure the next opportunity for creation builds on the same blocks we have already been putting together.


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