year of letting go

chimeIf there was one way to describe 2012, it would be the Year of Letting Go. A difficult year for many and one I’m personally happy to see the end of but as we move into the last hours of what has become a transformational year, there is a sense that the ongoing process of letting go we have endured will benefit our path ahead. The new year is beginning to feel like one of simplicity, of rearranging and de-cluttering and paring back to the bare essentials in order to build strong foundations for a sustainable existence that will carry us through the many years ahead. While the final months of 2012 were so laden with exhaustion, the new year for me always brings in new hope. There are endless possibilities on the horizon as we contemplate new adventures in our own personal story. If simplicity is the key, then lets hope 2013 will lead us further down the path of authenticity of finding what it is in life we truly value. A simple life is one that is lived from the Heart so with a deep breath of Soulful energy, here’s to a peaceful new year filled with much Light, Passion and Creativity.


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