releaseJust when we thought the road was clear for the new energy of the Solstice, a little surprise is thrown in the mix as one last burst of frustration comes in the guise of old energy resurfacing again. We may not know where it’s come from but with Venus and Uranus dancing their tune together we can be sure it’s likely to be an unexpected twist connected to love, money or something close to our Heart. Is it one last test? Is it one last burst to really show us how bad the Old truly does feel now or is it just those last fragments of residual energy coming up to be completely released? We may never know and it really doesn’t matter. The important thing is to stay strong on our path and not fall back down the rabbit hole. We are so close now we can feel it. We know what works for us and what doesn’t so if that uncomfortable feeling starts pushing its way in, we can be quick to recognize it and rather than allow it to throw us off course, we can turn it around and use it to reinforce our determination to stay true to our goals. Simplicity is the key to the future and so with one last heave-ho, we can truly let go of it all and allow ourselves to be filled with the freedom we deserve to embrace with new with grace and ease.


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