holding our light

angels watchingAs we sit at the mid-point between the 2 energy points of 12.12 and 21.12, I awoke with more thoughts of life on Earth being like a classroom. Our Souls come here to learn, create and evolve according to the many possible variations there could be for experiencing earthly life. The Planet and everything around it has been set up to foster this physical life but as much of it is invisible to the Human eye, many forget this life supporting structure exists. So in a classroom sense, it would be as if everything in, around and outside the room was specifically set up to help advance learning at a particular level. As a classroom, it all worked well for awhile but as the students retained their freedom to do as they pleased, the collective culture slid out of balance and most forgot they were even in a classroom and some became distracted with other things. In one corner, there were those who discovered they could gain power and control over the classroom by being bullies and inciting fear. In another corner, some became absorbed in how they could use the money of other students for their own gain. In another corner, some decided they would be the voice of the classroom by writing stories about what was going on but they were secretly in cahoots with the bullies and only wrote what they were paid to. Others, well, they thought they could make their own gains by altering the contents of the lunch boxes and then there were more in the background who manipulated the tired minds of the remainder by convincing them they would feel better if they took their specially formulated pills. But in the middle of the classroom sat a small group in a tight circle of Unity. They discovered that when they tuned out of the classroom madness, they could connect to each other in a special way. One by one they discovered the classroom actually had a glass ceiling and when they tapped into this special energy, they could see the Lights of all the extended families, guides and helpers of all the classroom students watching over them. As they learnt to communicate with those on the other side they realized the ones consumed by trickery hadn’t even looked up to see the glass ceiling or were so frightened by the ceiling not being as it seemed they were trying to convince the rest of the class it wasn’t real. But the small group knew better. They remembered why they were in the classroom and were aware it had strayed too far from it’s original purpose and was descending into self-destruction. So as they continued to communicate with those from above, they learnt that if they could encourage just a small percentage of the classroom to join the circle of Unity, their combined energy could create enormous change that would not only see the classroom returned to a more balanced state but would actually shift it further up the learning ladder where it would rejoin the rest of the school. They were told the process would be long and slow and everyone in the classroom had the freedom to make their own choice whether or not they wanted to move with the classroom and if they didn’t, that was ok, they could stay at the same level in another classroom somewhere else. The word spread about the impending shift and the ones consumed by trickery created stories of doom for the classroom but the circle of Unity persisted, bringing the Light of Truth to those who were nervous about the change and offering support and healing to help with the transition. And this is where we find ourselves now. We have made our decision and are awaiting the next influx of energy towards the Great Shift. We’ve been told many things but whether it passes without notice or amidst a few days of uncertainty, we can know the rest of the Universe is watching over us and all will happen exactly as it’s meant to. If we continue holding our Light and keep our circle of Unity strong, we will know on the other side that we have created the beginnings of a New Earth that will eventually be a better place for all.


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