restless days

earth energyAs I sit here alone in these last days before 12.12.12, I look around at how my life has evolved. I’m not sure how I ended up here or why and sometimes it totally baffles me how a little girl from the country could become an independent Light worker who’s Spirit is openly connected to ancient energy. I am in a strange phase at the tail end of many difficult years where my life was turned upside down over and over in the throws of rapid Awakening. With no family or friends close by, I’m mostly in isolation but Ascension also brings its pleasures and during those years I’ve experienced an out-of-body Kundalini Awakening, recognition of several Past Lives and amazing encounters with the vivid and luminous colours of Spirit. In recent days, we’ve been given a resting period but it’s been difficult to disentangle ourselves from the looming Shift. The energy is restless, aggravated by Uranus’s pending forward motion and stirring intensely, as if the reset button is waiting to go on. When it does it will be a major turning point for all as we mark the moment when we and our Planet open the portals to the higher frequencies of inter-dimensionality. Although it is a 36 year event of which we are just reaching the mid-point, new energies will be available to those ascending and ready to receive. We will evolve together but individually we are the masters of our own personal journey. It’s often said in various channellings that those on the other side of the Veil are eternally grateful for our courage to take on Ascension while in a physical body. Planet Earth is known as a difficult classroom and this experience of shifting into the multi-dimensional Universe is a complex one, one that’s taken unfathomable preparation. There’s already been several failed attempts over the centuries but this time it will happen and is happening at a Galactic level with Universal support. For many across the planet, this moment also brings the return of Lemurian energy. Those with Lemurian origins make up less than 1% of the world’s population but are being encouraged to Awaken more than others as we have the pure imprint of Divinity and the memory of Quantum DNA already held deep within our Akashic Record. This was our past and if we are willing and open, also our future. So as I sit here alone in the stillness of these last days before 12.12.12, I light a candle. I acknowledge my challenging past, my sometimes difficult present and the unknown potential of my future. I feel grateful for the gift of Awakening and despite the strain of endless solitude, somewhere inside I’m also grateful for the freedom to soak up the intensity of Spiritual Energy and to share the wisdom and knowledge it brings. I may no longer be who I once was but then it is no longer about biology. Our bodies are physically changing as we absorb the truth of our Spiritual origins and unlock the codes of our own depths. I am restless for change but all is as it should be. The energy will rise and the change will come and what is starting to feel like a deep ending will in time become a very grand beginning. This is why we are here. This is our time to breathe deep into our Heart Chakra and fill our Auric field with an abundance of Cosmic Light, to find the courage to truly meld with our own Divinity and if it feels right, to openly embrace our Lemurian Heart.


4 thoughts on “restless days

  1. Thank you so much Liv. The urge to write was in me long before I had the courage to start and although it was initially to help find my own clarity, knowing the words have helped others brings me a great sense of peace. Love & Light to you on your own journey. X

  2. Great post Mandy, it is fantastic that you can share what is going on in your world, opening up the possibilies for others to tap in. xx

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